Ian Spangler, Digital Product Designer & Manager

I am a full-stack designer from New York City with deep experience in crafting custom websites and applications. A rigorous systems thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset, I’ve been delivering premium solutions to high-profile brands and startups for over 11 years, driving maximum value in the areas of interaction design, information architecture, UI design, iterative prototyping, and MVP development.

My design practice, much like an architect’s, is bolstered by an intimate knowledge of engineering, and my approach is always dually imaginative and pragmatic, delivering solutions that are equal parts delightful, usable and workable. I am adept with a wide variety of tools and frameworks and am continually picking up new ones to add to my arsenal. These include, but are not limited to, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Balsamiq, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and Javascript.

In my practice, I combine principles of user-centered design (UCD), human-computer interaction (HCI), game design, modular design, and content-first design strategies to create optimal user experiences, sometimes bringing solutions from concept to launch. Since co-founding and building the first major social platform for movie and TV show ideas several years ago, I have enjoyed guiding founders of early-stage startups in laying out and navigating the digital components of their businesses to maximize their potential.

I am currently looking to join a design-centric company focused on developing quality digital products that empower consumers to create, learn, explore, or have fun in new ways while supporting mindfulness and sustainability. I value being part of a collaborative, close-knit team where learning, experimentation, and attention to industry best practices are all encouraged.

Feel free to get in touch about any opportunities or just to say hello!